Sustainable Green
Development Consulting

Strategic Sustainability for Success
Super Solar Trees Garden Park, Japan
Using the keys of
Compatible, Competitive, Compensating
C3 identifies the challenges and innovations
that will further establish and sustain,
your developing business.

C3 serves as a
Research & Development Consultation Company
The company specializes in
Sustainable, Economic, CommUnity and Workforce Development.
C3 implements evolving business strategies to pioneer through industry trends and technological advancements.
We work to further develop existing projects and to identify new business opportunities through partnerships and networks, and in emerging markets.
C3 has extensive experience in research,
networking and business growth strategies.

As a local consultant, C3 assists area businesses in becoming green.

C3 works to improve companies environmental performance, promote innovation, and in green technologies.

Anticipated benefits of C3 Greening

C3 will implement
energy efficiency in all areas of operations, superior technologies and practices to leave behind only clean water and space, rehabilitated landscapes and healthy ecosystems, while doing so with reduced energy consumption and healthy and happy employees.

Anticipated benefits include minimizing and
re-utilizing waste produced, advanced
treatment and waste management technologies, and enhanced knowledge of metal behavior in the air, water and soils, thus significantly improving the environmental performance and public perception while decreasing long-term liabilities.

Program Scope
C3 focuses on 3 research pillars:

  1. Footprint Reduction: new business practices, processing and operational tools to reduce the volume of waste produced and quantity of contaminants;
  2. Innovation in Waste Management: assess and develop cost effective/environmentally sound waste management and alternative treatment technologies, clean technologies from mine waste, and recycling in all areas of operations;
  3. Ecosystem Risk Management: examine improved tools to assess and mitigate environmental impacts/risk, develop and apply options for site reclamation, long-term monitoring.

C3 Partners
C3 involves the participation of federal government departments, environmental scientists and engineers, regulators, academics, non-profits, community programs and many other non-governmental organizations.
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